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Personal training in Flintshire

There are so many reasons why personal training could be for you! You could be taking your first steps towards a life change; you may want to find something new, add to, or improve, your current exercise regime.

Personal training creates an individual training programme plan based on your lifestyle and circumstances. Personal training also encourages commitment and a level of routine for you and your body, helping you achieve lifestyle changes carry you into the future.

If you decide personal training sessions are for you we will work with you to split out your goals, assess your fitness on a regular basis to provide bench marks and show your progress. Alongside this we will look at your food intake and habits to ensure you get the right balance of exercise and food intake for you.


Nutrition is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the key to this is a balanced food intake alongside your exercise regime.

What is Nutrition? The body requires essential nutrients to function and provide energy. The essential nutrients include carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids (fats), as well as fibre, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Good nutrition means getting the right amount of nutrients from food in the right combinations. Having knowledge about nutrition and making smart choices about the foods you eat, can and will, help you achieve your goals and lead a healthy lifestyle with a few treats along the way.

Personal Training payment options

Flintshire personal trainer
  • 1 x Personal Training session (1 hour) - £40

Prior to the first session we’ll discuss your goals and send you health screening and lifestyle forms to get you off to the best start. On your first session an initial fitness assessment will be carried out, so that an individual programme can be designed to get you started on working towards your goals and to measure your progress throughout your journey, keeping you on track.

Other options to consider are 2-2-1 sessions or small group sessions if you friends or family who would like join you. If your schedule or commitments prevent you from taking regular 1-2-1 sessions then why not try our Quarterly option:

  • 1 x Quarterly Session (1.5 hours) - £75

This session will be similar to a first personal training session. Prior to the session we will provide you with health screening, lifestyle forms and will discuss your goals then in the session an initial fitness assessment will be carried out followed by short workout. Using the information from the session we will then provide you with exercise programmes with variety and progressions to keep you going for the quarter.

If you cannot find an option to suit you or if you have any questions, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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